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Initial Consult

Meet with an experienced Holistic Reproductive Practitioner online or at our clinic. During this consult we will go through your health history and fertility journey up until now. Based on your specific situation you will receive information and custom holistic fertility plan(s) for healing support. You'll leave your consult with a deeper understanding of your situation and how our local clinic or other community practitioners can help you specifically. 
Individual or couples consultation $100


A focused pressure technique on the feet that promotes deep relaxation, healing, hormonal balance, detoxification, improved metabolism and homeostasis. Whether you have a fertility diagnosis or unexplained infertility, reflexology helps your body to heal itself and maintain an optimal state for conception. Clients experience healthier and more regular menstruation, reduced or no menstrual pain, improved signs of fertility, more optimism and feelings of well being.
One hour Reflexology session $85 

Four session discount 15% 

Student reflexologist $55 


A deeply relaxing energy healing practice that promotes healing, especially on an emotional and spiritual level. When there are limiting beliefs, blocks, inherited traumas and imprints from past experiences that prevent conception from occurring, Reiki has been profoundly effective for our fertility clients. Learn about the energetic manifestation of reproductive health conditions, release grief after loss, find support for secondary infertility and learn about your fertility from this unique perspective.
One hour Reiki session $85 

Four session discount 15% 


If you have ever wondered why some people conceive with ease while others struggle, Vedic Astrology can offer amazing insight into yours and your partner's specific fertility journeys. The planets and moon affect all aspects of our life. Learn more about your specific challenges, when it may get easier or what kinds of interventions or support may be required. 
Online or in person astrology reading $150/person 


Studies have shown that infertility can be as stressful as cancer treatments. It can affect your relationships, your marriage, your work and all other aspects of life. Receiving support from a holistic therapist with a Masters in Social Work can help you process and release emotions for improved well being. Whether you are navigating your options, on a different page than your partner, dealing with difficult feelings such as envy, grief, jealousy, anger or depression, contemplating surrogacy or adoption, receiving the support of an experienced fertility counsellor is encouraged. 

Online or in person counselling sessions are available. 

Initial consult: $150

Follow up sessions: $120


Massage is beneficial when trying to conceive as it supports increased flow of blood to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, increases a sense of well being and relaxation, strengthens the immune system and improves the health of the lymphatic system. 


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