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Pelvic floor health and dysfunction preconception

Most people don't think about seeking out the support of a pelvic floor physiotherapist when they are trying to conceive. I've learned through my experiences at births how common pelvic floor dysfunction actually is while it's become so obvious to me how much the pelvic floor affects birth outcomes and the potential need for interventions, it's also true that pelvic floor dysfunction can affect reproductive health in general and our ability to conceive as well. Nicola Robertson is a Quinte area pelvic floor physiotherapist and an owner of Diamond Physiotherapy and I'm always happy and a little relieved when my fertility and pregnant clients tell me they are getting their pelvic floor checked out or supported in addition to the support I provide.

You can learn more about Nicola and Diamond Physiotherapy below: Diamond Physiotherapy on Instagram Nicola on Instagram

Diamond Physiotherapy's website

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